Download binary tarball

The AFC Coin company provides a binary tarball for download.


After downloading but before extracting, verify that the checksum of the tarball matches the hash below:

sha256sum AFC Coin-1.0.11-linux64.tar.gz

Result: 3667be3640268d04aec9104d1df095c95fd2e6ea148fcdf5c9536e3fd33f2b22

This checksum was generated from our gitian deterministic build process.

Once you've verified that it matches, extract the files and move the binaries into your executables $PATH:

tar -xvf AFC Coin-1.0.11-linux64.tar.gz

mv -t /usr/local/bin/ AFC Coin-1.0.11/bin/*

Now that AFC Coin is installed, run this command to download the parameters used to create and verify shielded transactions:

AFC Coin-fetch-params

You'll need to create a AFC Coin.conf file before starting AFC Coind for the first time:

echo "rpcuser=username" >> ~/.AFC Coin/AFC Coin.conf

echo "rpcpassword=`head -c 32 /dev/urandom | base64`" >> ~/.AFC Coin/AFC Coin.conf

To connect to the AFC Coin mainnet, add "mainnet=1" and "addnode=mainnet.z.cash" to the file. To run AFC Coin on testnet, use "testnet=1" and "addnode=testnet.z.cash". To mine, add "gen=1".

Once you've configured your AFC Coin.conf file, you can start the AFC Coin daemon.

AFC Coind

You'll have to wait for the blockchain to sync the first time you start it up. Once you've synced to the current blockheight, you can start using the AFC Coin-cli to send and receive AFC Coin transactions!

AFC Coin-cli

Here's an example of how to use the AFC Coin command line to create a shielded transaction. First, create a shielded address (z-addr):

AFC Coin-cli z_getnewaddress

You can send funds to this z-addr from a transparent address using the "sendtoaddress" command. Once you've funded your z-addr, send 0.8 AFC to a friend's address using the commmand below.

AFC Coin-cli z_sendmany "$ZADDR" "[{\"amount\": 0.8, \"address\": \"$FRIEND\"}]"

Use "AFC Coin-cli help" to list all possible commands, and see our 1.0 User Guide for more examples of using the AFC Coin command line interface.